Symptoms And Signs of gestational diabetes in third trimester

Signs of gestational diabetes

Symptoms And Signs of gestational diabetes in third trimester: Gestational diabetes is unique and Temporary diabetes during pregnancy. It is totally different type of diabetes. It is a condition that develops during pregnancy because a typically develops in women who previously had normal blood sugar levels. I will explore the essential aspects of gestational diabetes.

What is gestational diabetes?

Signs of gestational diabetes

As a doctor, I can say gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that develops during pregnancy. It occurs when a woman’s baby cannot produce enough insulin to meet the increased needs during pregnancy, leading to high blood sugar levels. It is a condition that usually resolves after childbirth, but it can pose risks to both mother and baby.

Causes of gestational diabetes:

 It depends on the various types of factors. Causes of gestational diabetes are-

 Hormonal changes

 Insulin resistance

 Genetic predisposition




Previous Gestational Diabetes

What are the symptoms of gestational diabetes?

There are many symptoms of gestational diabetes. Now we can discuss given below-

Increased thirst and frequent urination


Blurred vision

Increased hunger

What Is The Signs of gestational diabetes?

actually, it has no specific signs. It is easily noticeable without a medical testing report.

Glucose challenge test

Hemoglobin a1c test

Oral glucose tolerance test

How to avoid gestational diabetes?

We can take to reduce our risks and manage the condition.

Maintain a healthy weight

Eat a balanced diet

Monitor carbohydrate intake

Regular exercise

Prenatal care


Blood sugar monitoring

What happens if gestational diabetes is not controlled?

Signs of gestational diabetes

If gestational diabetes is not properly controlled, it can lead to various complications for both the mother and the baby. That complication can include-


Hypoglycemia in the boy

 Respiratory distress syndrome


Normal Blood Sugar Levels Charts For Adults without Diabetes

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