Peripheral vascular disease: symptoms, causes and positive treatment

peripheral vascular disease

Peripheral vascular disease: symptoms, causes, and treatment: It is a common cardiovascular disease like a circulatory condition this condition occurs when those blood vessels narrow.

What is peripheral vascular disease?

peripheral vascular disease

It is a common condition when blood vessels are obstructed in the heart and brain.

Symptoms of peripheral vascular disease :

Most of the common symptoms of peripheral vascular disease are:

 Leg pain

 Numbness or weakness

 Skin Changes 

Erectile Dysfunction

If we early diagnosis and intervention then help manage peripheral vascular disease effectively and improve the quality of life. We can prevent this process-

Regular exercise

Healthy diet

Regular check-ups 

Causes of peripheral vascular disease:

Now we discuss the root causes of peripheral vascular disease are-




High Cholesterol

Age and Genetics

What is the positive treatment of Peripheral vascular disease?

We discuss the treatment of peripheral vascular disease  given below-

1. Lifestyle change:

Quitting Smoking

Managing diabetes

 Regular physical activity

Healthy diet

2. Medication:

Antiplatelet drugs

Cholesterol-lowering medication

Blood sugar control- diabetics

3. Interventional procedures :


Stent placement

Thrombolytic therapy


4. Surgical interventions:

Sometimes surgical intervention or surgical procedures are necessary like bypass surgery.

What is the best exercise for peripheral vascular disease?

Some of the best exercises for peripheral vascular disease are-




Leg Exercise

Strength Training

Tai- Chi

What is the best sleeping position for peripheral Vascular disease?

Some guidelines for the best sleeping position for  peripheral vascular disease are:

Elevated legs

Sleeping on your back

 Avoid sleeping on your stomach

Fetal position

Pillow Support

Side sleeping with Knee bend 

Experiments and Adjust

peripheral vascular disease

Those positions can help improve blood circulation and comfort it.

As a doctor, I can say when you face this problem you can go healthcare provider or vascular specialist for better management.

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