Hormonal therapy for prostate cancer

prostate cancer

What is prostate cancer?

 prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is a type of cancer that develops in the prostate. We know that the prostate is a small gland in the male reproductive system. The prostate usually grows slowly but when you face urinary problems, pain, and other symptoms then prostate enlargement.

What is hormonal therapy for prostate cancer?

Hormonal therapy means androgen deprivation therapy. It is a common treatment for prostate cancer. Hormonal therapy aims to reduce the levels of those hormones or block their effects. There are different types of hormonal therapy. now we discuss given below-


Luteinizing Hormone- Releasing hormone Antagonists


Ablation of the adrenal glands

Hormonal therapy can be used as the primary treatment for prostate cancer. It can also be used alongside other treatments like Radiation therapy or surgery.

What are the types of hormonal therapy?

There are several types of hormonal therapy for prostate cancer. Most of the common types of hormonal therapy for prostate cancer are-

Luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone Agonists

luteinizing Hormone-releasing hormone Antagonists


Ablation of the adrenal glands

Estrogen therapy

Hormonal therapy is the most important component of the treatment for prostate cancer.

What is the hormonal treatment for prostate cancer?

Hormonal treatment for prostate cancer means androgen deprivation therapy which reduces the levels of the male hormones particularly testosterone in the body.

Hormonal treatment can involve various methods including-



Ablation of the adrenal glands

Hormonal treatment is used for different stages of prostate cancer. It effectively controls prostate cancer.

What are the side effects of hormonal therapy for prostate cancer?

Some common side effects of hormonal therapy for prostate cancer-

Hot -Flashes

Loss of libido

Erectile dysfunction

Breast enlargement

Weight gain

Reduce muscle mass




Mood Changes

Memory and Cognitive Changes

Cardiovascular issue

Prostate cancer injection every 6 months:

Commonly those injections contain medications like leuprolide. Those drugs as known as luteinizing hormone releasing- hormone agonists.

That injection is to lower the levels of testosterone a male hormone that can help slow the growth of prostate cancer cells. It is the type of specific injection.

Effectiveness of radiation and hormonal therapy for prostate cancer.

Radiation therapy and hormonal therapy are the two most common treatments for prostate cancer:

Radiation therapy-

It is Highly Effective, particularly for localized prostate cancer. It can also be used in some cases where the cancer has spread to nearby tissue or lymph nodes.

Radiation therapy can be curative. It has the potential to eliminate the cancer in control.

Hormonal therapy-

 prostate cancer

It is more effective, especially for the more advanced or aggressive prostate cancer.

It is highly effective in reducing the size of prostate cancer. It is used in primary treatment for metastatic cancer.

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