Excess Sweating of hands and feet Positive Management

Excess Sweating of hands and feet

Excess Sweating of hands and feet: Medically it is known as hyperhidrosis. It is the condition that Millions of people are affected in the world. We know sweating is normal function of the body but excess sweating is abnormal. Today I discuss about the cause, impacts, treatment of excess sweating of hands and feet.

Firstly I want to say that what the definition of it.

What is the Excess Sweating of hands and feet?

It is the abnormal condition of the body. It cans affect various parts of the body like the Underarms, Face, hands, and feet. It is very much disturb for daily activities. Then i will discuss about the causes of excess sweating of hands and feet.

Causes of Excessive sweating of hands and feet

We know that genetic factor’s most common cause of it because it plays a significant role in excessive sweating of hands and feet.

It has familial history. Also some medical condition can contribute to excessive sweating of hands and feet. But also external factors like that heat, humidity, Stress can contribute to it.

Now come to the point impact on daily life.

Impact on daily life:

We know that excessive sweating of hands and feet can impact of daily life. It can create embarrassment, social anxiety. , so we need manual dexterity like -writing or using electronic devices.

After that, I can discuss treatment of it. No tension it is treatable but depending on severity and condition.

Treatment Options:

Let’s go discusses about treatment options of Excessive sweating of hands and feet.

Change the lifestyle:

If we change the life style then we can manage it. Also if we avoid Spicy foods or caffeine and stress reduction we can manage excessive sweeting.


In some cases we avoid medication to stop excessive sweating because it is one of the causes of excessive sweating of hands and feet.

Home Remedies:

We should maintain good hygiene practice like washing hand frequently and using antibacterial soap.

Clothing choices:

We should clothing/use natural fabrics because it can help prevent excessive sweating.

Stress Management:

We must apply relaxation techniques like breathing, meditation, yoga which reduce stress Levels that can reduce excessive sweating.

Dietary Adjustment:

Everybody should avoid spicy food, caffeine, alcohol. That can reduce sweating triggers.

Alternative therapies:

It is the most important to reduce excessive sweeting of hand and feet.  Acupuncture herbal supplements can helps to block sweat glands temporarily.

Professional help:

If we fail to use those things then we must go healthcare providers.

Finally, we can say that it is very challenging issue to stop excessive Sweating of hands and feet. we should  follow above this instruction to reduce excessive sweating of hands and feet.

Excess Sweating And Acupuncture Treatment

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