Dr Md Mizanur Rahman BUMS Under The University Of Dhaka

Dr Md Mizanur Rahman BUMS

Dr Md Mizanur Rahman BUMS: Dr Md Mizanur Rahman BUMS Is The Medical Officer, at Upazila Health Complex, Chatmohar, Pabna. Also General Secretary, Sadinota Deshoj Porishod, Pabna district.

Dr Md Mizanur Rahman BUMS



In the realm of higher education, the University of Dhaka stands tall as a symbol of academic prowess.Dr Md Mizanur Rahman BUMS Under the University of Dhaka a distinguished scholar whose journey and accomplishments deserve recognition.

What Is Dr Md Mizanur Rahman BUMS?

Personal Information: 

Full Name: Md. Mizanur Rahman

Father’s Name: Md. Motiar Rahman

Mother Name: Late Mazeda Khatune

Web Mail: admin@drmizanhealth.com


Dr Md Mizanur Rahman BUMS is a President of the Bangladesh Traditional Medicine Association, Pabna district.

Academic Qualification:

Dr Md Mizanur Rahman BUMS Under the University of Dhaka. PDG _ Integrated Medicine Society in Dhaka. MSS Under the Green University Of Bangladesh in Dhaka.


Dr Md Mizanur Rahman BUMS has Been Trained :

DDM Under International Centre For Diarrhoeal Disease Research Bangladesh.

Device  Cosmetic Circumcision Under Holistic Centre In Dhaka.

Ayurvedic Khar Suttra Under Noor Mosjid Ayurvedic College In Dhaka.

Also Hizama And Acupuncture Training In Dhaka.

Awards And Recognition:

Dr Md Mizanur Rahman BUMS got the Best Dr Award by Bigganer Alo Of Blood Doner Clab In Chatmohar, Pabna.


Skin Conditions

sexual Health

Digestive Problems



Device Cosmetic Circumcision

Polyp Removal

Wart Treatment

Tumor Diagnosis And Treatment

Early Life And Education:

Dr Md Mizanur Rahman BUMS, born And raised in Bangladesh, exhibited an early passion for medical science. This marked the inception of a remarkable journey toward becoming a prominent figure in the field of traditional medicine.


Dr Md Mizanur Rahman BUMS has been Published In QIMP(Unani & Ayurvedic, Herbal).Quick Index of Unani & Ayurvedic, Herbal Medical Products And Problems.


In the realm of Traditional Medicine,Dr Md Mizanur Rahman BUMS stands as a luminary figure, exemplifying expertise, authority, and trust. His journey from a dedicated student of the University of Dhaka to a trusted mentor and researcher is nothing short of inspiring Dr Md Mizanur Rahman BUMS Under the University Of Dhaka represents the pinnacle of excellence in Traditional Medicine. His dedication to the field,  coupled with his extensive knowledge and mentorship, has elevated the status of Traditional Medicine in Bangladesh.




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