Diabetes tree (Gynura Procumbens) leaf extracts beneficial effect

gynura procumbens

Diabetes tree Gynura procumbens leaf extracts beneficial effect: Diabetes tree leaves contain 25% ethanol that exerts Metformin-like activity and mechanism. Complicated diabetes patients can depend on herbal medicine but complicated diabetes patients need surgery, nephrology, Opthalmology care, short-acting insulin, or Diabetes diabetologist. Gynura Procumbens is very useful for diabetes because it has anti-diabetic properties

What is Gynura Procumbens?

gynura procumbens

Gynura Procumbens is a plant native to Southeast Asia. It is the most common herbal medicine in Southeast Asia. Also known as “Sambung Nyawa”. it has healthy benefits like managing diabetes

What are the active components of Gynura procumbens leaf extracts?

There are many active compounds of Gynura procumbens leaf extracts-




The components are very effective for diabetes.

How to work Gynura procumbens leaf extracts?

Lowering  blood sugar levels

As a doctor, I have a clinical study of Gynura procumbens leaf extracts that can reduce high blood sugar levels.

Improving insulin sensitivity

Also, act on diabetes control by the process of improving insulin sensitivity.

Diabetes-related complication management

It also manages diabetes-related complications like cardiovascular disease and Nerve damage

Dose of Gynura procumbens leaf:

2- 10 leaves before meal once or twice daily

The side effect of Gynura procumbens:

It has mild side effects like digestive disorders or discomfort.

gynura procumbens

Lastly, I can say, that gynura procumbens leaf extract so beneficial as a natural remedy for diabetes. Many people have reported effect positive effects. To control your diabetes you can go healthcare provider or diabetologist.

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