Application of Mizaj as Therapeutic and Prophylaxis approach

Application of Mizaj

What is the Application of Mizaj?

Application of Mizaj : The well-known interventions in this area are health education, environmental modification, life style and behavioural changes. This system of medicine is a comprehensive medical system, which meticulously deals with the states of health and disease. The principles related to human biology are seven natural factors that make up the totality of a human being, viz. Arkan (Elements), Mizaj (Temperament), Akhlat (Humours), Aaza (organs), Arwah (Pneuma), Quwa (Faculties) and Afa’l (Functions). Among these principles, most important is Mizaj (Temperament). Mizaj is the quality produced by the action and reaction of opposite qualities of building components. Literal meaning of word Mizaj is intermixing. the people of specific temperament become prone to a particular group of diseases indifferent phases of their life and under different climatic conditions.

Application of Mizaj

Damvi Mizaj (Sanguine temperament)


The Individuals of this temperament will look fair with muddy complexion, with full muscular development, large full veins and a large pulse. They are confident with positive thinking that is rarely anxious. They are very prone to involve themselves with physical excesses and as a result they often suffer from injuries and their sequels. They are pleasantly warm to touch. Signs of the dominancy of blood (Ghalba’e dam): The signs of dominancy of blood are very similar to those of quantitative plethora. Stretching and yawning are frequent. Fatigue is felt even without exertion. Tongue is usually red.

The dominancy of blood predisposes them to diseases like Hummyat matbaqa, inflammations, Chronic diarrhea, Bloody diarrhea, Epistaxis, Haemoptysis, Diphtheria, Epilepsy, Gout, Headache, Tonsillitis, Sarsam’e damvi, Sudae damvi, Zaghtud dam qawi, Conjunctivitis etc.


They can tolerate cold easily.

They should preferably drink cold water and avoid excessive sugar, rich fatty foods and meat consumption.
They should use Barid-yabis foods.

Exercise should be so gentle that there is no over production of heat in the body.
Eliminative measures such as Venesection and purgation should be carried out early in spring.

Damvi Mizaj persons are more susceptible to infectious diseases.

Damvi Mizaj persons are more susceptible to infectious diseases Most suitable season for them is winter.

Signs of the dominancy of bile (Ghalba’e safra):

Yellow colour of eyes and complexion, bitter taste in mouth, rough and dry tongue, excessive thirg rapid pulse, lack of appetite, nausea with bilious vomiting of green or yellow colour.

Exposure to sun or hot climate should be avoided. Winter season is beneficial for these persons, while they get trouble in summer, because bile E increases in this season. So, Mukhrije and Mushil’e safra drugs should be used by these persons in summer like Sikanjabeen, Tamarhindi, Aalubukhara, Gul,e neelofar, Gul’e banafsha ete.
They should use barley water during summer season. Persons of Safravi mizaj should avoid hammam.
They should take meals three times a day.
They should avoid salty, fatty and fried foods and Ratab foods should be used by these persons like Cucumber, Water melon etc
They should avoid excessive movement and strenuous exercise, time of exercise should be early in the morning or late in the evening. Extreme emotions of anger, irritability, excessive talkativeness, and suppression of anger are
emotional extremes for this kind of temperament.
Bile should be eliminated with emesis, purgation or both according to individual disposition. For purgation, Banafsha, tamarind, Halela zard should be given.
Balghami Mizaj (Phlegmatic temperament)


Their movements and activities are sluggish. They are calm, have sentimental subjective thinking. They are sexually frigid and do not get angry easily. They are lethargic, dull and take excess sleep.

Signs of the dominancy of phlegm (Ghalba’e balgham)

Denotes excess of phlegm.


Cold air negatively affects them hence air conditioners and cold and wet environment should be

Lack of exercise and unnecessary rest during day time especially one hour before sunset should be avoided. Aerobics is beneficial for them.They should get up early in the morning and avoid sleep after sunrise.
Sweating is beneficial, it should never be suppressed and laxatives are also beneficial.

Saudavi Mizaj (Melancholic temperament)


They have dark complexion and profuse body hairs.

Signs of the dominancy of Sauda (Ghalba’e sauda):

Excess of Sauda predisposes them to diseases like Leprosy, Hummae ruba, Splenomegaly, Constipation, Anorexia, Arthritis,Neuromuscular and Psychiatric disorders.


They should avoid staying in cold and dry environmental conditions for long.

Melancholic should avoid old, dry and stale food, excessive beans, nuts, astringent foods, peanuts, tomatoes, Brinjal and rancid fats are harmful for them even in small quantities.

Har-Ratab foods should be given to these persons like Anjeer, Maveez, Chana, Lobiya, Apple, Anar shirin, Turnip, Ginger ete.
Moderate and light exercise for short durations is best suited for such temperaments; especially walk for 15 minutes after dinner.

They are more prone to insomnia.
Feeling of loneliness, depression and grief can have much more negative influence especially if prolonged or excessive.
They should drink at least 2-3 litres of water daily.
Bodily wastes like urine and stool should never be suppressed.
Sauda should be evacuated from the body. For this purpose Halellazat and Bisfaij should be used People of one type of temperament are prone to particular group of diseases in different phases of their life.

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