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Your trusted source for specialized Unani medicine treatments. As a highly skilled doctor and Unani medicine specialist, Dr. Rahaman is dedicated to providing effective and personalized healthcare solutions to local individuals seeking alternative healing options.

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Jessica Simon

“I had been suffering from chronic migraines for years, and conventional treatments provided limited relief. Dr. Rahaman’s Unani treatment approach completely transformed my life.

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Comprehensive Health Assessments

At Dr. Mizanur Rahaman's Portfolio, we believe in the importance of understanding the root cause of health issues. Dr. Rahaman conducts thorough health assessments to identify underlying imbalances and create personalized treatment plans designed to restore optimal wellness.

Hijama And Acupuncture

Customized Unani Treatment Plans

Dr. Mizanur Rahaman specializes in formulating tailor-made treatment plans based on the principles of Unani medicine. These plans integrate a variety of holistic techniques, including herbal remedies, dietary adjustments, lifestyle modifications, and physical therapies, to effectively address and alleviate various health conditions.

Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies and Herbal Supplements

Understanding the healing power of nature, Dr. Rahaman utilizes a wide range of natural remedies and herbal supplements to support the body's healing processes. These carefully selected botanical formulations are chosen to complement the treatment plans and provide gentle, yet effective, relief from symptoms.

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